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Do you have existing technology stock?

Clickerr Sell & Rent Back is designed for corporations that have an existing inventory of IT and other equipment. Is your technology or equipment dated? Do you want to standardise? Perhaps you need to conform to global corporate policy requirements. Whatever your reasons. Through our Sell & Rent Back agreement. We can purchase your equipment and rent it back to you for your continued use. We can even assist in disposing obsolete equipment on your behalf.

A cash injection for your business

Under the Sell & Rent Back offering, we will buy your existing equipment at its remaining value or current market value – whichever is higher – and rent it back to you for the remainder of its perceived useful life. Sell & Rent Back is also ideal for companies who also want to avoid any capital loss associated with the disposal of assets.

Planned Technology Roll-out

Sell & Rent Back is a cost-effective way to start a rental acquisition program. From here you can implement and effectively plan your asset replacement cycles through the clickerr Exchange Plan. This allows you to roll out new technology when planned and keep track of the optimal use-by date of your equipment.

New Equipment Rental

Rental - The Smart Alternative

Using rental as the solution for equipment procurement stretches your budget a lot further, in fact on a 36 month contract you can stretch almost three times as far and with the current economic climate there has never been a better time to lock in your technology costs. Imagine interest rates in low single figures fixed for three years; attractive isn’t it?   

The choice is all yours

Clickerr is vendor neutral and as such, you are free to negotiate the best price for your equipment from your chosen supplier, as well as to decide independent what period you want to rent the equipment for. Once these decisions are made clickerr will establish a rental structure that best suits your needs.

Opportunity Knocks...

We acknowledge that many people feel “cash is king”, but by choosing rental to procure your technology and other equipment you preserve your cash resources, which can then be put to work in the revenue generating areas of your business.

There’s never been a better time

A clickerr solution will work for you because it is the smart way for your organization to procure the right equipment without the burden of outlaying a large sum of money up front. Unlike traditional rental finance or leasing arrangements, your clickerr solution enables you to continually update your equipment. This limits the risks linked to technology obsolescence and helps you avoid the cost and risks of ownership as well as of equipment disposal. In addition. clickerr rental payments can be positioned as an off balance sheet operating expense, enabling organizations to predict and manage their cash flow.

Why Clickerr..?

Quick Service

Service requests are solved with in 24 to 48 hours. 4 to 8hrs for specific rental contracts.

Onsite Support

Dedicated team of technicians for on-site support for bulk volume requirement.


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