Our General Terms & Conditions – For Product Sales / Service / Rental Service

For Sales:

  • It is hereby informed “Clickerr” is marketing and Distribution Company and is not a manufacturer.
  • We adhere strictly the warranty period mentioned in our quote / invoice.
  • Goods once sold will be taken back or exchanged. Once invoice made cannot be modified or cancelled
    for any reasons thereof.
  • The item is tested for physical damage at the point of sale and the company is not liable for the physical
    damage of item any more. It is also the duty of the buyer to immediately check at the counter physical condition of the purchased goods. All goods are consigned at buyer’s risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage in transit.
  • Any products purchased from us for any special usage in abnormal environment i.e. Other than normal
    usage should be informed to us at the time of purchase otherwise the warranty is void and null.
  • No Customer can waive responsibility on grounds of ignorance of terms & conditions.
  • Physical damage / mishandling of products / Tampering of warranty stickers – do not cover warranty. All
    product sold by us require technically qualified PC Hardware engineer for installation.

Warranty Terms:

  • All products sold by us carry only carry-in warranty. Shipping charges (To & Fro) to service center has to
    be born by the customer.
  • Where the words “Direct Warranty” or “Manufacturer Warranty” are mentioned it means warranty is
    direct by Manufacturer / Distributor.
  • We request the customer to send the copy of our invoice and delivery challan for warranty purposes
    always when there is a service problem for products. Shipping will be paid by the customer for the same.
  • Goods once sold will be accepted for warranty repair / replacement only if they are in good physical
    condition. Products with broken / burnt pins, pen / pencil markings, cracks, missing / tampered components / warranty stickers damaged will be rejected and considered warranty void in above conditions.
  • Warranty clause stand void for damage caused due to mishandling of equipments for any reasons
    causing damage of the products like lack of knowledge, improper handling, electricity problem etc., on the basis that under normal condition there would have been no damage of the product.
  • Warranty is against manufacturing defects only, and as per manufacturer’s warranty policy. In case
    manufacturer has local service centre then for warranty the customer has to approach the service center directly with the purchase details.
  • Products under warranty will either be repaired or replaced as per manufacturer/ supplier warranty
  • We reserve the right to reject material received for warranty without accessories, manuals, Software
    CD’s / DVD’s & outer box packing.
  • Results of warranty items will be known in a couple of week’s time, (minimum time 2-4 weeks) subject
    to supplier / mfrs. approval.
  • Any service litigations or problems have to address directly to manufacturers/distributor/company
    direct dealer address only. We are not responsible for any litigation thereof.

For Rental Products:

Detailed Rental Terms & Conditions


That Clickerr shall provide, hardware maintenance free of cost for the supplied hardware/equipment, promptly, during office working hours and days.


  • Responsibility of any ‘Virus infection’ to System/Computer will not be of Clickerr and Clickerr shall not provide any ‘remedial anti-virus software’ and support.
  • Clickerr does not take responsibility for any loss of data that may be caused due to failure of hard disk or any machine failure.
Not Part OF Supply From Clickerr:

Clickerr shall be supplying the equipment without any OS / software unless and until specifically specified by us. Clickerr can provide Microsoft software on monthly basics Under SPLA program with Microsoft and same will be charge extra as applicable The customer/party undertakes not to upload any unlicensed / pirated softwares on the computer / equipment and if it does so, it does it on its own cost and consequences.

On Extension Of Rental Period

Payment terms shall remain the same upon extension of rental tenure. (The customer is required to inform in writing or via proper e-mail to extend the rental period of the equipment, at least 7 days before the expiry date of rental period) If the systems are not De-installed on due date and no further intimation is given, the equipment will be Treated as extended and billing will be done for the same till the date of De-installation of equipment.

Prorate Billing

Payment terms shall remain the same upon short extension of rental tenure.
Prorate billing shall be applicable only in specific cases.

Equipment Ownership:

That the equipment shall be used and remain in the custody of party during the hire period only and will be handed back to Clickerr (the owner) at the time of expiry of hire period. In case party fails to hand over equipment to Clickerr at the time of expiry of hire period, damages equal to hire charges for the hire period/month shall become payable at once and equipment shall not remain under the use of party after the expiry of hire period.

Shifting / Relocation of Equipment:

That the party shall install the equipment at the agreed place and the equipment shall not be moved to any other place by party without written permission from Clickerr within the premises or outside the premises. In case party intimates for shifting of equipment from one location to other all expenses pertaining to such shifting shall be borne by the party. However, Clickerr may offer to supervise the shifting process.

Customer’s Responsibility

In no case whatsoever the equipment be opened by anybody other than Clickerr or their authorized representatives. Any such evidence will be escalated and assessed for loss or damage. This will violate terms and affect Clickerr services. Customer shall stand fully responsible for all damages by such occurrences.

At the time of installation, Customer should make sure that the seal on the equipment is intact and the seal should not be opened at any cost by the customer and if the seal is seen broken/opened after installation any damage caused will be borne by the customer.

The Customer is expected to provide proper power conditions (Earthing, Spike etc.) to the equipment for its smooth performance and functioning. Clickerr will not be responsible for any connections or electrical conditions external to the rental equipment.

Customer will have to provide full access and support for inspection/verification of Clickerr system as and when required.


In case of loss/damage/fault to equipment during the period the equipment is in the custody of the Customer it would be for the Clickerr to assess the extent of monetary loss and recover the same from Customer. The Customer in such a situation shall have the option to pay either the price of the equipment or provide equivalent equipment as per satisfaction of Clickerr representative. The rent till the date of such payment will be payable.

Termination of contract

Either party may terminate the contract/agreement, by giving to the other party 7 days’ notice in writing of its intention to do so. Termination is subject to 50% payment of the balance rental duration.
 That all disputes or differences between the parties arising out of this agreement shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts of Chennai only.

Force Majeure: Clickerr will not be responsible for any non-performance of its services due to natural disaster, riots or law and order problems and situations that may fall beyond its control.

Clickerr reserves the right to take back the rented equipment from party’s premises in the event of any violation of the conditions mentioned herein.

For Service:

  • No warranty / guarantee for mother board chip level service.
  • 10 Working days is required for mother board chip level service.
  • Diagnosing charges of Rs. 500.00 must be paid even we are unable to service the mother board in chip level service.
  • If we find any other problem / defects on your laptop after servicing your mother chip level, we shall inform you the details of the problem on our laptop along with the relevant quote for the same for your approval. Only on receipt of your confirmation for our quote we shall carryout the same.
  • Regarding your laptop with intermittent problem, we shall try to resolve the problem on chip level service. In case during the service the same will be either working in good condition (or) dead completely. Since your laptop is already having the intermittent problem. In case your laptop dead completely, we are not responsible for the same.
  • If we find any defects on your laptop external parts we shall try to alter the same without replacing new spare parts for which no warranty / guarantee is covered.
  • Before handing over your laptop to us for re-installing the operating system software, all your personal data’s should be copied / transferred by you only. We are not responsible for your personal data’s.
  • While taking back your laptop from our service center, you have to inspect the same along with your specification thoroughly. Once we handed over the computer / laptop to you we are not responsible for the same
  • While giving your computer / laptop to us for service under warranty period you should produce us the warranty / guarantee bill.
  • If your laptop is under our warranty it will take 3 to 4 weeks time to resolve the problem & hand over the laptop / computer to you in good working condition.
  • The warranty / guarantee issued by us only for the particular hardware serviced by us. It will not covered other hardware complaints in the same laptop / computer.
  • We are not responsible for the problems raised by short circuit / burning due to electrical problem & the same is not covered under warranty / guarantee.
  • While handing over your laptop / computer for service kindly obtain our service job card from us. In the said job card kindly check all the details about your laptop.
  • In case you are not getting our job card due to some un-avoidable circumstances we are not held responsible for the same.
  • In case you have not obtained the relevant service job card from us we are not held responsible for the following: 1) Laptop / computer lost 2) Laptop / Computer if any changes in the specification. 3) Laptop / Computer if any broken.
  • While handing over your computer / laptop to us for service kindly inform us whether any of your personal \ datas available in the hard disk. If the personal data’s is required by you we shall remove the hard disk from the unit and hand over to you.



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